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Sunday, January 27, 2008

i can eat food again!

on friday for the first time in over a week i ate normal food. my teeth are still really sensitive when i try to eat fruit or chicken/meat but most soft foods i can eat again. i REALLY REALLY missed food. i was so hungry this week and nutri shakes were not doing it for me anymore. i'm petite but i have a fast metabolism so i need to eat proper food or small meals through out the day.

say, i was wondering if any of you also study the teeth of every person you meet? i have one colleague that is quite cute but her midlines are completely off. isn't it amazing that you can live your whole life and not notice it if you don't have the knowledge? her whole face looks sort of skew. can't believe she was never advised to get braces. then again alot of people are but refuse. i was only advised to get them when i was in university and i refused, cos my already poor self esteem could not take it. besides i would have had glasses and copper brackets. but i find myself studying the teeth of every person i talk to now. there are very few people with good teeth. lots of people have over bites. most of my kids in sunday school have had their barces taken off in the last few months but its quite common among kids.

now that i'm all grown up i know people don't only like me for the way i look. i was in the supermarket and bumped into a former classmate from high school. the first thing he asked me was: aren't you a bit old for braces? but i reckon every single one of us adult ortho bloggers are inspiring others to get them. i know two people that want to get braces, the lady is 38 and the dude is 33 and are considering braces cos i have them. so goodlooking fellow brace face's, we are setting trends! Bridget is right braces are the new pink....

here's a picture i took a couple of weeks ago with one of my girlfriends that is actually based in new york. she was so proud of me for getting the braces. she's asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding later on this year. I'm wearing the itty bitty white skirt and my homegirl is next to me. that's how petite i am, i had no idea till i saw myself standing next to people that are also petite, or rather, also short, but not as small as i am.

read you later.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

second adjustment of adjustment

So on monday i noticed that there was a piece attached to the arch wire on my bottom jaw which was sliding backwards and forwards on the archwire. i kept debating in my head about whether or not to call my ortho and then i decided to do it.

BIG MISTAKE! they had to take four of the additional bands that they had put in my mouth out and replace them with bigger ones that would not break. so i had to lay upside down for almost two hours. i am so cranky right now. i'm just so hungry because i have not enjoyed a proper meal in days! my teeth are so sensitive right now its crazy. i'm getting worried this annoying pain is not going to go away. i guess the good thing is that my teeth are not really throbbing they are only painful if i try to chew. damn i miss real food though.

they did tell me some good news. apparently my bottom teeth are close to perfect so they should be done in a couple of months. thank the Lord. i can't take much more of this extra large band in my mouth.

today i was feeling a little sad about my book and some other reason that i can't remember right now. i gave two out of the six chapters to an editor friend to read through it and tell me what he thinks. he trashed it the first time and he did it this time again so that was hard. i've decided to take it to two other people cos he did not give me any constructive feedback at all except that its awful. i can't understand how someone cannot have even one nice thing to say so i think I'd like a couple more opinions first, that was just too much negative energy for me.

oh the other thing getting me down is that i really want to see my boyfriend but i will be out of town for three weeks and when he comes i might not be here. if that happens i am so going to freak. i have not seen him for over a month and its getting to me. i think the other thing that is getting me down is that i can't speak properly because of all the extra metal they added to my teeth. so when i speak it sounds a bit like parts of my mouth are numb. kind of like coming from the dentist after a filling and you speak funny because you cant move the side of the face where they put the filling. i hope it gets better. imagine my boyfriend coming from sea and meeting this confident woman that opens her mouth and speaks like a child with a sore throat. maybe he'll think its sexy?

hope y'all have some good news or even some entertaining drama to make me laugh...

Friday, January 18, 2008

braces make me look like a kid?

something shontell said on laura's post inspired this post.yesterday i was at a friends house and she was talking to a very pretty lady. when my friend introduced me to this pretty lady she asked my friend if i am a teenager while i was sitting right there! ok the only thing i can think of is that she assumed that because i was not wild like her and of course because of the tracks as they have made people refer to me like a child on two other occasions.

my first bill at the ortho was due and the receptionist asked me who would be paying it?!!!! i gave her that 'I'm a 27 year old woman how can you not see that' tone when i answered her and she was too embarassed for words. actually this is the story of my life so it can't be the tracks. its strange cos i feel like a woman. i feel like a responsible adult and i dress like one. maybe i should just be grateful. nobody can top this one. seriously.

i had my second adjustment today and that was not too bad. i had my oral hygienist who was really nice. she told me all about her boyfriend. tall, dark and hansome is how she described him and i was like: wow. she is so much nicer than most people who would never tell you anything about their themselves let alone their love life.

okay going to do my prayers now and then sleep. long day ahead tomorrow...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

withdrawals when i look at my laptop

so i'm busy editing my book at the moment before i start sending it to professional editors. my deadline was this weekend but i am way too exhausted to push myself even more. i've edited about half of it so far and now i am completely wasted. i'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms when i think of my laptop. as if that is not enough tomorrow i have an evil adjustment. my teeth have been normal the past couple of days but i've been careful not to eat anything that requires alot of chewing. on tuesday was not my adjustment it was just to get the evil seps in. i hate those things. and some of the people at the ortho are evil bitches from hell. when they put the things in they hurt you but they act as if they are giving you a free manicure...

one more day before second adjustment!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

in pain right now

ok so i have my second adjustment on tuesday the 15th Jan (is it a tuesday i need to go double check). and my teeth were a bit sensitive over the festive season especially if i ate chicken strips or meat. but last night it was the worst it has been in a while. i mean sometimes my teeth ache after eating something really tough but this was a whole other level of pain that i forgot about! damn... i took two painkillers and i felt like i was high afterwards. its like the one minute i'm chatting to my sister about bozeman (she dissed us and moved to the states with her hubby) and the next minute i'm on the floor about to pass out and speaking in slow motion. i clean forgot how bad the pain can be. the worst part is by the time i passed out on my bed the teeth on the right side of my mouth were still throbbing. i'll post a pic of my new bite soon because it has changed a bit, its amazing really. my extraction on the left hand side has shrunk quite a bit. or rather the space is getting smaller and the teeth on the upper right hand side have moved signifcantly towards the left. that's what makes the pain worth it. i had coffee with a friend the other day and he told me braces suit me. that must be the first time someone did not complain and ask: "when did you get those things?"

over and out.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

more random thoughts

So this is my cutie snowy just after she came from a doggy bath at posh dog. she was sulking cos she did not want to be left there.
when i fetched her she was clinging to me and she refused to face the camera even though i begged and pleaded with her so you only get to see her from these strange angles....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the drama that is my life...

okay so my teeth have started moving. one of the spaces where the extractions were done is starting to shrink and my skew tooth and the gum around it hurts like alot. it does feel like its moving although i don't have what 99% of adult ortho bloggers call 'loose teeth'. so the temporary discomfort and pain i'm experiencing is nothing compared to the drama that is my life at the moment.

this holiday was relaxing and also a bit mediocre although i think i needed it. i had a huge bust up with my father and i feel like i'm tired of all the drama that happens between us. maybe i should just cut my losses and accept we will never be close. either that or he comes to see the shrink with me. hmmm wonder what i should do. probably the latter but that involves having to go and try to convince him that shrinks are not for mad people. not sure if i have the strength for that right now.

as for my love life. well what can i say aside from the fact that i think both of us are mad. we've only known each other 3 months and we made it official. i miss my marine engineer though because he's at sea at the moment and i am literally counting down the days until he is back. you know i am not so sure how much of this 'only getting to see my sailor once a month thing' i can take. but that's not the worst of it, there's more. when he is back i have to go for my second adjustment which means while my cutie is here i'm going to be in alot of pain and have that familiar ' my teeth have been sewn shut with a metal piece of thread feeling'. whats a girl to do? i think i should go out and get a life...