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Friday, May 22, 2009

painful teeth from adjustment

it turns out i had to go for another adjustment two days ago because i had a couple of spaces in between my teeth. i decided i don't want my braces off unless i am absolutely happy with my results ala jen and laura. apparently sometimes when the wire stretches out you get spaces. Well i didn't know i had about three i thought there was only one right in between my two front teeth. suffice it to say i was in alot of pain when i left.

i had a really nice oral hygienist but damn! some of these things we do are just barbaric. All because I wanted to have decent teeth and not like everyone else who needed it. I always forget just how painful adjustments are for me.

on the same morning some idiot from the ortho's office called me to ask if I have a daughter coming for treatment can you believe it? I've been there for a year and a half and this is the second time they call to ask if Florence is my daughter when that's my second name. This time i almost lost it cos they always mess up like that. I was jumping for joy thinking I would not have to see those ugly dogs at the ortho's office then i remembered that I will need to go in alot for the retainer.... not a nice thought.

oh well. less than 2 weeks to go can't beleive it. Here is a picture of me after my adjustment pretending my teeth were not sore.