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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

official debracing date: 4 June 2009

At my last ortho visit the oral hygienist replaced the hook that broke off the last time. I'm still wearing four elastics but only at night so the discomfort is better. My teeth were really sore in the morning when I first took them off but they are better now.

so I have two dates: I will be debraced on the 4th and get the retainer on the 5th. I'm terrified of getting debraced I have a really low pain threshold and that's all I think about. oh man totally not looking forward to that. It doesn't help that everyone else that had their braces off in this month had the copper brackets and not the clear ones like me.

Now that's out of the way I can't believe how many ortho friends are only friends now! Laura, Jen and wired lady all had braces taken out at the same time. How cool!!!!! check out their blogs for the latest.

Oh and I can't believe how much my teeth in the bottom jaw have moved since I started wearing double elastics again its incredible. the bottom teeth have really moved back alot, no wonder I wake up with a toothache....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

my teeth are doing strange things

So I have a confession to make: one of the flimsy hooks they put on the front of my bottom teeth for the bands fell off during the weekend. I think it broke on Saturday. You know what's its like when you're eating something feel some foreign non edible piece of something in your mouth? Well i pulled it out and it was one of the hooks.

I called the emergency number of my ortho on Sunday afternoon I think it was, to no avail. This whole week i have been in 8 hour lectures for this intense project management course that I am doing and it finishes on the other side of town from my ortho. I'm always too drained to rush there because I have to rush to the office to catch up on some things.

So its been like six days and I have only been wearing one set of elastics and not two as I am supposed to for the second configuration. Tomorrow is the final day of the course so I'll pass by the ortho once I'm done.

But the strange thing that is happening with my teeth now, they are almost perfect except that i have two gaps which I did not even notice, people pointed them out to me so I need to show the oral hygienist when I go next week cos I have to go for two week adjustments now.

The first gap is the one between my top two front teeth - laura or steph what are they called? the teeth right at the front? anyway there is a gap between those two again, it keeps opening. I guess its okay but there is a very random one between two of my teeth on the bottom jaw at the right which is scary. Holy, when I saw that gap i was wondering where the heck it had come from and also actually lots of other gaps.

well update you next week. In the meantime let me check on y'all.

ps. today some stupid B*&^%h i work with told me she would never get braces when she is 30, then i looked at her teeth and told her they need work and that its the best decision I ever made cos it taught me discipline. She didn't respond but even if she did, you all would also think she is strange. She's told me before that braces are not cool. Today i told her that they turn men on (at least in my experience) and she was like: "really" and her eyes expanded.....