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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

brace free and loving it!

So I have been brace free for 19 days and here is a pic i took the evening that the braces were removed. My teeth were still sensitive that day and I got my retainers put in the next day.

My best friend still has not had the baby but, thanks to a few people and Steph too, I have decided to give her my East African name because I think it will make her special.

hugs and kisses!


Monday, June 8, 2009

The adventures of brace free Nabukay and the annoying retainer!!!

Its official!!! I am braces free and it is the most amazing thing to see your teeth afterwards that is unreal. I can't even believe that someone asked me if my teeth look different are you kidding me?! lol they look fantastic!

So I went in for debracing on the 4th of June and the ortho and oral hygienist were like: oh wait we made a mistake - your teeth are not ready. Dear ortho bloggers my face fell and I opened my mouth and no words came out. I was stupefied! Anyway I totally fell for it then they both relieved my intense panic by saying: we're just joking.

The actual process of snapping off the brackets is not that bad. Its quite quick unless some of them get stuck. I had the clear brackets which chip as they are trying to snap them off so that took a bit more time than the copper brackets would. Removing the bands on the teeth at the back is what hurts alot. Oh my gosh that was not so nice. But if you don't have sensitive teeth like me it should not be that bad. It was no where near as bad as my oral hygienist had said it would be.

So after removing the braces she had to scrape off the glue. I got to see my pearly whites when they had removed all the brackets and bands and they were beautiful! The glue makes your teeth feel like they are really really really dirty. They polished my teeth and I was off.

Everyone in my department at work was quite impressed. Even all the people who were always sceptical about braces. My teeth look so much better than i though they would its amazing.

So that evening i went to a friends house for dinner and tried to eat meat but it was still too painful. I got my retainer the next day which i was not happy about because it felt like I had appliances again. I got three retainers - two permanent ones at the backs of my front teeth - both upper and lower jaw. Then I also got a removable retainer which was too loose so I went back and now its tight again. The removable retainer does not stink or anything it looks totally different from any of the others that I have seen. It has a plastic plate and wire in the front. Seriously the only way to describe it is to post a pic which i will do soon. my digicam is freaking out at the moment - all the pictures i took in the last few weeks are not on my card but all the ones i deleted weeks ago are.

I can bite into things with my front teeth and its not sore but the back teeth are still really sensitive when I eat. I asked on friday if this is normal and they said it takes some time to get used to eating without the braces. On the plus side brushing my teeth now is so easy its unreal! And i don't need to be too careful about what i eat because there is no food getting stuck in my teeth. Sometimes people tell me I look nice but they can't put their finger on what's different, and some people notice right away. I am so glad I did this and I don't care if some people think it was a waste of time for doing it for cosmetic reasons because I am really proud of my teeth now. I was always so insecure about them but now i smile proudly and over all I look so much happier and better!

My love life is in limbo, i'm not sure at the moment. Work is okay I guess. I've decided to start looking for something else so I guess now I am calm. My Boss asked me if I'm okay today. It was weird because if i ever start talking to her about something bothering me she dismisses me immediately. If something is not about a task then she is all ears up to a point and if its about something else then she dismisses it. what the hell why does she ask if she is not willing to listen? Sometimes I hate work, shit. Well some parts of it anyway.

Oh and the best thing i was told today: one of my best friends is giving birth to a baby girl any moment and today she told me that I am the God mother of the baby and that they are going to name her after me so i should decide which name to give the baby - my first or second name. Couldn't believe it - its such an honour so which name should I give the baby - in your opinion - the East African name which is Nabukenya, or the English one which is Florence? bear in mind that we are from different cultures. thrilled all the same. Let me catch up with the rest of you all...