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Sunday, January 18, 2009

oh man really struggling to stay positive with braces right now...

happy new year ortho family!!!! I was in east africa for 5 weeks catching up with family and other east african disapora! I've really struggled with the braces the past few weeks. wires were pricking me (especially after I ate popcorn) and my teeth have just been very sensitive generally. how it is going with all of you? For the first time since getting the braces I have really been through a rough patch. During the holiday I tried to be faithful to my elastics but sometimes I forgot. My teeth moved a bit because there are spaces espeically in the teeth right at the front. Laura what are they called? and there were times when I had really bad toothache, during my holiday?

Well can't wait to catch up on your progress. Met a new friend at the airport will post a pic soon. A