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Monday, December 10, 2007

nasty braces, nice boys...

all i have to say is when i saw how my braces photograph after the adjustment i was horrified. To think i've been walking everywhere with pride and a huge smile on my face and this is what they look like?!!! nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

breaking news!

firstly i'm in pain. my teeth have seriously started to move and i can see the difference. mainly my teeth in the top jaw look as if they have shifted over to the right, its strange. but i can tell they are moving because on some days my teeth are extremely sensitive. most of the day they are okay except when i eat then they really start to hurt. so i'm eating a lot less. i must be the only woman that is complaining about losing wieght but i can't afford to lose weight....i'm too tiny.

anyway forget that. i have a new boyfriend i tell you it just has to be the braces. well i guess i am getting out more but still the number of men that have approached me recently is incredible i feel like i have a choice of what kind of man to approach now. all those people who tell us that our love lives are over - this one is for you!!!!!

happy holidays!