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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"those things"

okay i think i've only had the braces for just over two weeks. i think when i was getting excited about eating solid food in my excitement i did not realise the things that annoy me about eating. like shreds of salad getting in my teeth.

also there are some days when i wake up and my teeth are a bit sensitive and it hurts a bit to chew. i still meet people who tell me that braces are for kids and my teeth looked fine the way they are. the truth is that i got braces for cosmetic reasons. i just was not happy with my smile, the teeth in my top jaw are very crowded but of course i can't tell people that because they won't understand.

My friend Joey asked me how i clean 'those things' and my father also referred to them as 'those things'. my experience has not been too bad so far but then again i have only had them for two weeks...

over and out

Sunday, October 21, 2007

profile pic

pre braces, and with much longer healthier hair...
7kg heavier, braced for 11 days and going strong...

my birthday

God knows i can't plan and host social events but these were taken today. lunch at my parents house, celebrating my birthdy. this is me with the girls and then with the boys....

me with braces...

here goes...took a few pics but they don't show this is the best i can do. Thought the braces would be clearer than this. you can see one of the spaces if you look really carefully where a tooth was extracted... will just have to make time to get a better pic. oh well. at least everyone knows who they have been talking to. over and out.

Friday, October 19, 2007

guess who's eating solid food?

i'm pleased to announce that i have been eating solid food since monday. okay i don't know how long its supposed to take to get used to the braces but i have had mine for just over a week. each day i feel them less and less and next week will be the first time some of my colleagues see me with braces. i'm getting ready for their reactions i know most of them will think i'm mad because everyone thinks they are for kids. well i'm happy with mine so far. the only thing i hate is that the constant brushing is making my mouth really dry. can't wait to eat a pizza that is just going to be so good.


Friday, October 12, 2007

day 3 in braces

well they still feel really bulky in my mouth and one new development is that most people that i have bumped into in the past three days have not been that impressed by them. my coworker said the fact i am getting braces is not cool. most of my friends are really supportive though. i miss eating real food sometimes. and one more new development is that my top jaw feels like its jutting out now. not sure why or if that is even possible but yeah thats how it feels. not enjoying that. i think my 'new smile' is scaring people away. will post a pic tomorrow or when i have taken one.

cheerio baby.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

aaargh the pain

on your marks, get set, braced!

aargh i've read all the other posts and nobody tells you how painful it is really. in the morning it was not so bad. they did it first thing, the entire process of getting the braces in hurt like a b*&^h. and it took ages how come nobody writes about how traumatic that is. and now it feels terrible and i am hungry as well.

okay let me get back to work...