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Thursday, February 21, 2008

a not too bad adjustment

yesterday i had an adjustment, i think it was the third one so far? anyway, whatever it was it did not take too long. they put two new buttons in my mouth and a power chain was fitted on each side of the top jaw. she did that to speed up the closing of the extractions or rather the spaces.

damn but that power chain hurts when they put it on. my jaw still hurts quite a bit today but its not as bad as the last adjustment because i can still eat some things. its strange though because the teeth to which they attached the power chains are so sensitive so i can't eat with them. i can chew with the teeth right at the back and also the ones right in front. but its still hard.

someone please tell me, are the power chains going to affect my ability to kiss? cos i haven't seen my boyfriend for ages but he's coming down for the next two months and boy will i be sad if i can't kiss him! lol.

the only part of the adjustment that was quite traumatic was when she put the buttons in, there was something she used which burned part of my lip and the tongue separator bruised the inside of my mouth. other than that she was done in an hour and i was out of there. i settled my latest bill yesterday and in total so far it has cost me almost N$ 4 000, and those ugly bitches at the reception area have the nerve to be rude to me! anyway i told the Dr. this time and he claims that alot of people complain but he also said he will adress it again.

first of all if you are ugly (i know this is a really nasty thing to say) why must you be ugly to people that are coming in for treatment as well. fat dogs. ok let me stop being ugly too now and check on the rest of you all...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gum infection :(

great news! i succesfully got myself a gum infection and am currently in pain if i try to chew anything harder than liquid.

since my last adjustment of an adjustment there was alot of extra metal in my mouth. they added two bands on my bottom molars and also added extra wire on the top and bottom teeth of my left hand side. apparently those teeth no longer need to move because they are in the right place now. so she put wire on them in the form of an 8 so that they stay put.

the result of this is that i could not eat proper food for like three weeks. last week i started eating normal food but not before a visit to the oral hygienist that type A personality bitch. sorry but she is. she always speaks in a hurry and rushes you out of her (cleaning place/room). anyway so i went because i would brush and find a bunch of blood on my toothbrush after each brush. ever since the second adjustment i have been brushing my teeth twice so that just exacerbated the swelling.

they were really swollen and when she cleaned my teeth we realised that. granted i was not flossing cos i could not work out how to floss with all the extra metal but now i am doing even though the floss keeps getting shredded. once its finished i'm going to look for something better.

one more day and then i think it will be my third adjustment i think. whatever it is i am so not looking forward to it. now i am just going to gracefully hobble over to my bed cos i just came from the gym and had not been for three lonnnnnng weeks.....


Friday, February 15, 2008

this is not my life anymore...mini heartbreak

one day a girl was ready for an adventure. she started a new job. she met new people and was excited about all the new opportunities in store. the girl thought she was ready for change. the next few months all she did was learn; about her new role in her job, about herself and about what she wanted in life.

over time she formed new relationships with people in her free time and at the workplace. the girl was having fun. she was single and enjoying life. she felt complete even though she was single. sometimes the girl got stressed out at work. she became good friends with a coworker who consoled her. in the meantime she met lots of men in many different places who liked her body but she never met anyone who interested her, even though she was ready for love.

all the while her friendship with her coworker grew deeper and stronger over time. she only realized how deeply at a workshop. she saw him with another woman and felt jealous and very sad. suddenly and without consciously choosing to, she had fallen in love with him.

she could not understand why she felt that way. he picked it up that she was sad and reached out to her. he stroked her hair and pushed some strands behind her ear.she could not tell if he felt the same way. she was terrified of telling him because she knew his stand on workplace romance. she tried to deny her feelings, but one day they came out and bit her in the ass! lol.

Suddenly she gave in to her feelings and exposed herself. she panicked! At first he was kind and admitted he once felt the same. then he too panicked. he lashed out and pushed her away.she begged and pleaded with him to talk about it. she was malicious and hostile. all to no avail, he shut her out completely. her spirit was broken. she lost her confidante. she was looking at him but he was looking the other way. as long as she looked at him she would not meet her prince.

she went on and cut contact. after months of tears she started to put the pieces together. she knew she was not fully recovered when he spoke to her about another woman. Didn't he know it was painful for her to hear? she told him but he continued and told her even more the next day.she realised the feelings for him were not gone only hidden deep in her heart. she was shocked because she had started to love someone else!

even though her heart was bleeding she had to turn away from him too. she knew if she behaved as before, the love might resurface. she knew it would never be returned. this time her heart was not the only one at stake but also the heart of him she had started to love. so, she decided to be brave and let go, until maybe she decided she still wanted to be friends again. even though it was painful she had to do it because he showed her he was not her prince. and she deserved a prince...

so she got herself together, called her girlfriends and went out to her favourite restaurant because this is not her life anymore...but something which happened and she decided to move on.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

my road trip north east!

i just got back from the north east and it was awesome! i'm so exhausted cos i did most of the driving on my own but it was so fabulous. i had an excellent co-pilot and the scenery was amazing! my teeth are much better, i've been eating most solid foods all week. Thank God! because i was really really hungry last week and grumpy cos i was deprived of real food.

the hotel was absolutely stunning and all the food was so fresh. i missed my ortho buddies so i'm going to get some rest and catch up with the rest of you all later or tomorrow. i still need to put some time aside to prep for sunday school.

i'm going back up in two weeks time because we'll be opening an office there and i'm going to need to be very hands on with that process all the time. but the long awful drive was worth it. as soon as we got to the hotel and saw the view, we knew it. this is my coworker/friend saara with me in the pics we took at the pool. i posted these ones cos they give you a good idea of what the view was like. i have an adjustment coming up in three weeks which i am dreading. but its the price i have to pay for good teeth i guess, besides like michelle said if not for the braces i would not have met all the nice people that i did.