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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

braced for 11 months and loving it

So today I had to go the Dentist because my gums have been bleeding and I don't know where the blood comes from. It turns out that they are a bit inflamed because of the appliances in my mouth. The first time they were a bit inflamed was because of an infection but this time she said its just irritation and she said my hygiene is really good and my gums look strong. Amazing, considering how lazy I am, too lazy to floss everyday and immediately after meals...

I was alarmed because sometimes after brushing there is a bit of blood but my gums and teeth aren't particularly sore. I HATE going to the dentist, even if they are nice and I can watch the style network while they work on my teeth. I hate all the equipment they use and all of it. But each time I make an appointment I only remember when I have to get into the chair how much I hate it.

The oral hygienist was shocked when she saw my teeth and she asked me which tooth was skew and I could not fully remember because of how straight they have been for a while. They are almost perfect although since closing the gap at the front, the midlines are off again. Anyway she mentioned that it looks like I will not have them for much longer and then I told her that I am enjoying the braces. I love them, they make me different. And I enjoy clean teeth so yeah.

Steph had a really cool post with 7 reasons she has braces, make sure to check it out.

over and out.

Monday, August 4, 2008

still sensitive teeth

so my adjustment was 5 days ago and my teeth are almost fine, just a little bit sensitive when i try and bite on my front teeth. i can't chew properly even with the teeth at the back. normally chewing with the braces is ridiculous but since the adjustment its worse. the gap that i only noticed the night before my adjustment is totally closed but my midlines are off. i saw the lady that gave me really good advice when i decided to get braces (she's 27 like me) and her braces are off. and then i thought of how fantastic my smile is going to be under these things!!!! that was a nice thought...

ok off to clean my room. keep on keeping on.