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Sunday, February 1, 2009

aarrrgh, lol

I had an adjustment on Thursday which I was dreading! During most of my Xmas holiday which was 5 weeks long, my teeth were really sensitive.

Ok fine. I'll admit that I ate popcorn twice which I heard we are not supposed to do when we have braces. But I just don't control myself because I love it! Especially when its just been made and it has melted butter on it, then the tiny little bit of (non existent) self control that I wish I had is out the window! So the first time I ate it one of the wires on my lower molars (the twisty ones) broke and I was in so much pain! My aunt looked at me disapprovingly and asked me why I had done such an irresponsible thing?! I looked at her and responded with a self satisfied smirk: "it was worth it"...

The second time I ate popcorn it was one of the twisty wires on the right hand side that broke. And the same scene ensued with my aunt, only this time my response was: "I'm never eating popcorn again!" because this time the pain was really unpleasant. Anyway, since then I have not touched the stuff. But this is not because I have disciplined myself, oh no, don't be fooled. Its only because the right opportunity has not presented itself.

When I got back home from East Africa there were about two weeks until my next adjustment. Did I use that time to set up an emergency appointment and get the broken twisty bastard wires fixed? Oh no, I was running around trying to sort out all the other things in my life and also I was lazy because now the braces have become a hindrance rather than something that will improve my appearance.

I must admit that I look at adults differently when they smile at me for the first time and they have braces. I would love to have mine for longer but its the discomfort and pain I can't be positive about anymore. Yesterday I met someone who had just gotten her braces and I can't tell you how nice it was to turn to shaker her hand and see her smile wide with braces, that was absolutely awesome...

So I had my adjustment on Thursday and the oral hygienist replaced the one twisty wire and put in more plastic power chains because one of the gaps where I had an extraction over a year ago has refused to close and this time she decided that it WILL CLOSE... this was without a doubt the most painful adjustment I have ever had. From the moment I left, all the gaps were closed and my jaws, teeth, everything was throbbing! But what scared me was that for the first time since getting an adjustment, the pain killers did not help with the pain, my teeth just continued throbbing.

Maybe its a punishment from my teeth for eating popcorn, despising the elastics (which I have not worn since cos it worsens the pain) or for just being a really lazy brace face recently. Aside from the gaps, I can't see any difference in my bite. It turns out I have to go back in two weeks time and get the stainless steel wire put on the top teeth. Then apparently I have to start wearing the elastics in a different configuration/ position? to make the bottom teeth move backwards so that I have an overbite. Boring blah. I'm really struggling to stay motivated right now.

Anyway one of my best friends had braces and she told me that there is no way my braces will come off in three months time, somehow I had this feeling it was too soon as well.She told me to bite and inspected my teeth and told me to forget it. aw shucks oh well...

At this point I can't wait to get them off because in the past couple of months my teeth have been extra sensitive, painful and the elastics irritate the inside of my gums. The elastics and me have still not bonded, I'm getting worried.

On a lighter note, I was reading up on all of you and your teeth are looking quite fantastic I must say. I absolutely love Michelles power chains, wonder how come I never get an option of coloured power chains? Please check up on Karen Kiwi, she really needs us now.

And lastly, I put a picture of one of the ladies I met working at Johannesburg airport. As soon as she saw I had braces we bonded and she was really nice to me after that. Most of the time airport staff are really ugly and frsutrated but she was really nice and helpful.

I was thinking that with the orthobloggers that I follow, well some of them anyway, they really become friends because they share so much of their lives with you.

Thanks ladies!

love n.