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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Elastics and wax?????

So I have been wearing elastics on again off again for almost a month. The first couple of days were fine but then after that the pain started. As soon as I took the elastics off the pain was gone. I have some weird gaps now and people look at me really funny when they see my putting the elastics in and removing them to eat.

I will admit that sometimes I take them out to brush my teeth and forget to put them back in - I know really bad! But I put them in as soon as I remember. I have an adjustment next week so lets see what happens. I don't understand the gaps I have now, they are strange...

my personal life is as dramatic as ever! drama and issues because of yours truly. The tension has been really high lately which has made Nabukay a nasty person to know...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

elastics and prediction to be debraced in march 09

My teeth have gone from this when they were much better: So now, at my last adjustment on Tuesday I was given elastic bands to wear on each side. The elastics are not any where near as bad as I thought they would be. I was dreading them I think I pictured elastics that stretched across my entire mouth and had no idea how I would put them in, eat or even speak. So the oral hygienist said my teeth have moved so fast that she think the braces will be out in March. Well I'm pleasantly surprised but I'm not sure if I'm ready to be debraced? I love my braces and they give me character... anyway this is how my teeth look with elastics, they have become so straight I can't remember what they were like before. I have some big spaces and she used that transparent wire, string thing to force two of them together. That was really painful, but after about three days my teeth stopped hurting.

This is how my teeth look now:
On another note, I've been watching the hills lately and i guess the reason why I love it is because of how much I can relate to Lauren, I went through all that drama with my ex flatmate and some of the other things I can relate to as well. Ok I should sign off, I had such a good workout at the gym but now I need to work. *hugs*