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Saturday, May 31, 2008

adjustment in two days

So I have an adjustment in three days so for the next couple of days I'm eating as much food as possible!! lol. because I'm quite sure my teeth are going to be traumatised after Tuesday so might as well eat for those 7 days.

I was out all week on a Technical Assistance visit to the regional offices that I supervise so I have alot of catching up to do with you all. I also had a chance to meet with my editor. That was an awesome experience. She edited a book called Emails from the edge by a Canadian writer and was full of suggestions to explore some themes in the book further as well add more value to it. She also had millions of grammatical changes and queries about sentence structure. Damn, this is a lot of work!

We met for about an hour and a half and now I need to sit down and review the changes. If I agree with them its up to me to decide if and how she should proceed. I'm getting tired just thinking about it. But I'm also very excited to take up the challenge.

I'll be going to Cape Town South Africa in a couple of weeks for the book fair. It presents an opportunity to meet up with publishers, aspiring authors, published authors and book lovers in general. I'm really excited about that. Imagine if this book actually got published? Besides the fact that it might help other people it will help me to launch my new career and yeah, help people.

Shontell you asked for the title, well I came up with three which were quite similar but I'm not sure about any of them anymore. My editor said she liked part of one of them but she didn't seem too keen on any of them and keeps telling me I need to pray about it so yes I think she is not feeling any of the titles I selected. She also gave me quite a bit of guidance in terms of the blurb that should be sent to the publishers and so much. Help! Can't wait to be done with this part its still too much work, anyway at least I enjoy it. This book is a memoir about my experience of clinical depression and how I recovered from it. I just think that its something that alot of women, especially professional working women, can relate to, no matter what their age. I want the target to be youngish people but my editor says she feels its geared more towards female people so yeah lets see what happens because we still have quite a bit to discuss.

let me catch up with the rest of you it feels like its been ages...

Sunday, May 25, 2008


So its been four quick weeks since my last adjustment and my front teeth have moved quite considereably. After they added a button to my wonky tooth and a power chain its amazing to see how much my bite has been corrected. The midlines are almost perfect. This is how my bite looks before the last adjustment and then today.

This week has been a bit hectic cos one of my bes friends gave birth so I was in and out of hospital checking on her, ferrying people to visit and dropping what she needed. I can't believe there are people that would call me when they need help?! Its an awesome privilege....

As for my book, this week I was supposed to get the authors bio and sample chapters to the publishers that responded to my email but as usual I was too lazy. Besides my social life and working hard in my job I'm shocked I get any other things done...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

where to start?!

Hi all!

Gosh I missed you! Spent some quality time with all of you and it looks good! Laura I even like your tracks!

Well its been a very hectic period, with work and I don't even know what else. I haven't posted for a while cos I've been too busy and did not have anything major that was teeth related to post. I was out of town for the last 8 days, up north east in this tiny little town and my wire decided to come out of the band on the right upper jaw right at the back. Ok most of the time it was ok but when I was in pain it hurt like a bitch! so after like 6 days of wondering why the wax was not helping and freaking out when I figured out why, I came home and went to the ortho for an emergency appointment. (There was no ortho in the town so I had to wait until I come home).

Getting that appointment was a bit of a schlep because the girl who answers the for phone for the ortho assistants is a stupid 18 year old freak. No offense to the young bloggers out there but this girl was particularly stupid. She didn't even know what an emergency appointment is. Anyway I got my appointment and it was so simple, she just clipped the wire and that was it. So yeah, wired lady, these things happen to others as well.

As for my personal life, oh well that has been a bit dramatic of late. My ex reappeared on the scene for a few days claiming that he still cares and blah blah. So I had this dilemma because my new crush is like my very own personal Chris Brown, tall and well, brown. But that sorted itself out because I told my ex I don't really want a boyfriend and we had a bit of an ugly conversation because I freaked out on him the same way I freaked out on my Chris Brown and he disappeared on me 6 days ago. As for Chris Brown, he's emotionally unavailable, has MAJOR SERIOUS COMMITMENT ISSUES and is just too good looking for his own good. I don't think a man has ever had this effect on me. But yeah, today I deleted his cellphone number because he's playing games with me and I always feel so bad afterwards. He makes plans and then cancels them at the last minute. Yesterday he texts me to tell me he is really depressed and I should let him know when I'm on the way to his house so he can come home because he's in a bar. Barely 30 minutes later he texts me to tell me he is going to a "binge" party and can we rather meet for breakfast today?!!! This is the third time he's pulled this stunt and I can't take it anymore. WHAT THE HELL IS A BINGE PARTY ANYWAY?

Well folks I hit the roof! I refused to hug or kiss him and I refused to meet him for brekky. So since then we have not spoken but as nice as he seems, being a humanitarian worker for the United Nations and as addicted as I have become to his conversation because he is just so damn smart, I have to walk away. I've just started to like him too much and its obvious that he will never like me enough. It hurts but he is somoene else's problem, err, prince. I reckon that sometimes you have to hurt yourself and let go before the man hurts you even more. Its hard but hey, as long as I am getting all tangled up with these two I can't meet the man that is right for me and really cares about me.

I totally cut my hair, its a blunt bob and I have never ever had short hair so its a different experience, but so far I am enjoying it and most people have responded positively. A few of the guys were like: "You did what?'' it was so funny. They act as if hair does not grow back.

I finished my book a month and a half ago and at the moment it is with an editor. Man that was a relief, no wonder there are people who do this full time its just so much work and my book is a relatively short one! Anyway I have a few deadlines coming up because I need to start sending the synopsis (summary of the book) to the publishers that requested it. Oprah here I come!

Work is going good aside from the fact that the office driver and cleaning lady wrote a complaint letter to my supervisor about the way I treat them. I was so sad after because I thought we had a good relationship but I guess not. So from now on when I'm around them I'm going to walk as if I'm on eggshells. I mean who ever heard of writing a complaint letter after you parked the freakin company vehicle behind my vehicle and went home on THREE separate occasions so I freaked out the third time. I just wrote an apology letter back because I thought to myself, not worth it to stoop to their level. I mean the cleaning lady of all people. Its not my fault she thinks I'm a spoiled rich kid cos I can afford a car and she can't. To be perfectly honest I think its a personal vendetta cos never in my (okay less than 6 years) career have I had a complaint letter written against me. My eyes started watering and my supervisor was furious because she thought it was unfair. I gave her a hug to calm her down, I can't understand why she is so fiercely loyal but it helps.

Yeah yesterday was a very dramatic day and I'm glad its over. Just needed to get all of this out. I loved the link on Bridgets latest post, it talks all about how beneficial blogging is and yeah its true...