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Monday, June 30, 2008

cut all my hair off and an adjustment tomorrow

So this is what my hair looked like before i cut it and then after. I have never ever had short hair, its always been really really long. I always had a huge afro and then i decided to cut all of it off to have a fresh start and also because its low maintenance. I'll be back tomorrow because I have an adjustment in the morning, can't believe its that time already. Its like time is moving at break neck speed....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The bookfair

So I'm in CT and the book fair is quite impressive. Lots of distributors and publishers from India and Europe. Yesterday I spent the whole day drinking in the stalls and schmoozing. Ok what I really did was lots of networking which was good. I also attended some of the talks by women authors about their memoirs and that was quite cool.

This is totally supposed to be a working trip but I decided to have some fun in between and now I've missed the whole of the second day of the book fair because I was too exhuasted to get up. I'm doing some things on facebook at the moment and we want to go and see sex and the city later.

Cape Town is wet and miserable today, not that keen to go out. The plane trip cost me 3 grand and my mom was complaining about the expense and she is right, this is expensive but as far as I'm concerned its also an investment. So back to the plane, I am a tiny 5 foot 2 but I was squashed in the plane because the seating space is so small!! how do normal sized people fit in those seats? the food was really good even though it was really small. The trip was uncomfortable because I felt cramped in my tiny space and it was only an hour and 45 minutes but when it was over I was so relieved. So I think I have successfully written today off but tomorrow and Tuesday I will definately actually attend more of the talks.

ok checking in y'all now.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

eight months down and a successful adjustment to boot...

This morning I went in for my adjustment and that was relatively quick. She put a thicker wire in on the bottom and the top. She also replaced the power chains she had removed last month. She put what she called (I think) a power string onto the teeth where the power chains are as well because apparently the power chain is not strong enough to close the spaces itself.

when she was putting on all the extra plastic/elastic/ metal it was a bit painful not unbearable though. I think my mouth is used to the trauma. Oh no, I just realised I have to brush my teeth in a few minutes. what a nightmare.

She mentioned two things which made me feel a bit disheartened for the first time in my treatment. Firstly they have not even started correcting my bite, at the moment when I bite all my teeth touch perfectly. But in actuality it is not perfect because there should be a slight overbite (Laura where are you, I know you would know the technical term for this). So at some point I will have to use elastics which is the second thing I am really not looking forward to. I don't know why the idea of having to wear elatics gets to me. Its ridiculous.

Today there were two ladies who came in for braces for the first time. I watched them put the appliances for the one whom I am estimating is about 30 years old. She has been delaying her treatment for 8 years and she said that she is not going through with the surgery. I asked the ortho assistant what happens if people don't go for the surgery and she said sometimes the surgery is purely for cosmetic reasons. So this lady told me her sister had braces too and they were on for 5 years. I was like: wow! I admire her courage and she had such a positive attitude.

braces are one of the best decision I made for myself. My lovelife is pathetic at the moment but the rest of me is doing well.