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Thursday, July 31, 2008

painfree adjust yesterday = SERIOUS PAIN TODAY

So yesterday morning I went in for an adjustment. It was relatively quick because all she did was to replace the lower arch wire with a stainless steel wire (I think that what she called it). Basically my bottom teeth are perfect now so they are not supposed to move anymore.

She took the power chain off the teeth in the upper right hand side jaw, I think all the spaces are closed and she also took the miserable power string off. On Tuesday night my best friend told me I had a gap which in all seriousness, I had not even noticed. Anyway they mentioned it yesterday and she put a power string on it and the gap was closed thereafter.

Next month I get a stainless steel wire on the top jaw and elastics so that they can correct my bite. My teeth are perfectly straight now and the midlines are perfectly aligned. Only noticed yesterday after she mentioned it. So I 'sauntered' out of the ortho's office thinking that was the quickest least painful adjustment I have ever had. I was smiling to myself with glee. She told me my bottom teeth were going to be very painful but I disregarded that cos I felt fine.

Well guess what? today my whole jaw hurts, especially on the right hand side. All my teeth at the bottom are really sore and now that I think of it at the top they are sore too. I totally forgot how much it hurts after an adjustment.

I'm reading a really good book now by Louise Hay, its called: The power is within you. I think I have realised I have some serious issues about being single.

read you later.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have an adjustment on wednesday but I can't believe it is that time already?! I bumped into three of my coworkers at the mall during the last weekend. But the thing is when I bumped into each of them I saw their girlfriends, and I was quite surprised because I guess I expected them to be prettier.

I was laughing inside at the one ladies teeth because they were badly discoloured and the other girlfriend I met looks like she is in her 40s. Anyway aside from the fact that I am obviously very judgemental as my brother informed me and also a fashion whore, I realised something I learned before and was only reminded of once again by God:

1. All the good men are taken.
2. The good men date regualar women, not bombshells.
3. It doesn't matter how many men fall for you/ tell you that are beautiful/progessive etc you could still end up alone.

So I have decided to do something for myself which is to dress the way I do (I have very expensive taste - I was horrifed when my friend told me she has not bought clothes for the entire year). So I have decided to dress as I do for myslelf and not for the approval of men or other people.

So I really reflected because I wanted to know where this whole mindset I have of judging people based on their looks comes from and I thought about the kinds of things I watch on TV: How do I look, Peter Perfect, and all the others. If it has to do with fashion I love it. But in this process I almost totally lost myself.

I guess I just feel like, I'm one of those women that everybody says is pretty and has a good body without working for it. But guess what? I'm totally single and whenever I see people with real intimacy my heart sinks. I would give anything to meet fewer men who have shallow and superficial crushes on me in exchange for real intimacy.

so yeah I am kind of in a small crisis, I hate when I feel this way but I know it will end... see you after my adjustment.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ortho bloggers starting trends...

So this is me and my friend Hanlie. She's had her braces for a month and a half and lost almost 10kg so she looks much older than she is. Anyway so we were laughing about how un - cheese friendly braces are. Our lasagne was covered in cheese. So she wanted to get braces before she turns 40 and I was there to cheer her on. This is like one of the worst pictures ever at least my teeth are behaving. Strangely enough my teeth don't touch tip to tip anymore...

I had dinner with a friend on Sunday evening and we had the most intense conversation. We spoke about his family and lots of other random stuff you would only discuss if its the two of you.

He asked me how I feel about my looks and I told him I'm okay looking I guess. He told me he thinks I'm beautiful. We're going to watch a movie tomorrow probably after we're done at the gym. It was so refreshing to just talk to someone with no agenda's or expectations. Just to have an open and frank discussion.

I totally thought he was a hot piece of ass when I met him last year, (sorry Michelle and Karen) I know its not very good language but I thought he was totally immature. Don't get excited we're just friends. Besides I think I'm too jaded to be in a relationship but at least I'm going out.... sometimes I think I'm in crisis, because I found out recently that the last man I loved is getting married. It actually hurts a bit and I don't even know why. Anyway.

Off to meet a good friend at wine bar, still tired from gym last night even though the workout was the best!

hugs and kisses on your cheeks!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

adjustment number 400

Ok maybe its not 400 but yeah I have had the braces for nine months now can't believe it. Bumped into my friend Hanlie when I went in for the adjustment this morning. And she was inspired by me to get the braces, I tell you we are starting trends! its amazing how many adults I know that have braces now its great. I went for a scan this afternoon as well and a made a new friend called madelyn, she wants to get braces too as soon as she can afford it. She said her friend has had hers for a month and people keep asking her why she wants to get them because she is 23 already. I told her I got mine at the age of 27 and if people have a problem with them its their choice.

At todays adjustment they told me that I will be wearing elastics from next month because they need to correct my bite, its supposed to be a class 2 bite i think?... the spaces on both sides where teeth were extracted moved differently this time. The space on the right is totally closed so no power chain there this month, thanks be to God! I did get a power chain on the left and also a power string. When she removed the previous chain and string and even the arch wire that was really painful today. I haven't had such a painful adjustment for a while. She had to keep stopping to give my mouth a rest because she could see it was hurting me.

She placed a much thicker wire on the top jaw and also told me that they discussed my treatment and because my teeth are moving so quickly they think the braces might come off sooner than they initially thought. Lets see what happens. Had pumpkin for dinner because I was starving! haven't eaten all day. Every month I forget how painful adjustments are. oh well, each adjustment means I'm closer to my perfect smile....