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Sunday, November 30, 2008

tired of elastics

I think I am becoming bored with my elastics cos I can't see any difference in my teeth. Sometimes, but not very often I go an entire day without wearing them. That's really bad right? I think subconciously I just hate the things.

How long are we supposed to wear them anyways? I have an adjustment coming up with this week so I guess I'll ask the oral hygienist.

Let me check on the rest of you...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

still in pain after adjustment a week ago

well nothing new or exciting happening in this camp. i had an adjustment last week wednesday and my usual oral hygienist was busy on some lucky son of a gun so i got one of the rest. quiet and only talking to each other in their language.

i'm not used to going for an adjustment and no conversation in between. so what they did first was to look at my elastics and the Dr. said he was very pleased with the results and that my bottom teeth only to move back a bit. I looked at the teeth in my bottom jaw and they are totally getting messed up becos of the elastics. i only noticed it today. my bottom teeth were always perfect until i started this treatment.

Anyway she was supposed to put a stainless steel wire but it didn't want to fit so she tried to fix it. by banging it or hitting it to make it fit. That hurt like a b.tch, lol. After significant 'discomfort' as they called it, she gave up and took it to put in a smaller wire.

Then We put the elastics and the Dr. told me to be strict with those. my teeth were really sensitive but coming back to normal except for the teeth on the left hand side. After this adjustment I was fed up and felt like I don't want to do this anymore!!!! this only happened to me once after i just been wearing the appliances for three days.

She was just not careful with me or talking me through it which i think made the entire process almost truamtic.

ok i'm off to replace my elastics... you all are looking good and laura just had surgery and jen is just about to. much more exctiting things happening with all of you.