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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

second extraction

well my second extraction was done two days ago and i feel fine. my first extraction was so bad i was living on painkillers for two and a half days. it feels strange having this extra space in my mouth where there were teeth. my gums are still really sensitive. i think my mouth is freaking out because of the trauma. well braces arrive in two weeks time. in the meantime i have one more filling next week....

second extraction two weeks to go

well i had the second extraction yesterday because my mouth had healed well enough on the other side. it was not even half as bad as the other one. in fact i think it was done three days ago now but i only ended up taking two painkillers for two days. it feels really strange having spaces in between my teeth but you can't see them when i smile cos its teeth closer to the back. my mouth does not feel normal though, but i'm not surprised because of the trauma. it does not hurt tha tmuch but my gums are still really sensitive. well im drained from all the statistics i had to do for work so i' taking a time out now...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

second extraction postponed

i was supposed to have my second extraction today but it was postponed because my gum has not healed properly yet. even though the hole is healing the gum is still sensitive. Gosh when she suggested that i was so relieved. i'm starting to hate going to the dentist because it takes forever for me to heal. if this is what its like now, how the heck will i cope when i get the actual braces. okay off to some of the other bloggers for inspiration...

second extraction postponed

okay i went to the dentist today and the 'hole' in my mouth seems to be healing well. the only thing is that my gum is still swollen where they gave me the injection so when i wake up in the morning it feels sensitive and its made my whole cheek on the left hand side sensitive. anyway so the freak lady (i call her that cos i think she lies) said that we should just leave this extraction for now and do it next monday because we can't exactly mess up my mouth now and then i can't eat on either side. omigosh i am so relieved. the closer the time draws for the braces the more nervous i become. not looking forward to the pain and having to give up food at all... lemme check some other blogs and see how people are doing.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

had my first tooth extraction three days ago

okay my first tooth extraction was exactly three days ago. this morning there was still a bit of pain but the swelling has gone down a bit. its weird just having this hole in my mouth near the back where a tooth used to be. and also something else strange, i have alot more saliva as well. i don't know what made me think of this beforehand. i work as a lecturer part time and i had this vision of myself (unintentionally) spitting on the students sitting in the front.

it was really gross when they were foricing the tooth out of my mouth. i did not feel pain but i could feel them tugging and tugging on the tooth and the sound it made when it finally came loose was really freaky. my poor jaw and mouth was traumatised no wonder i'm still in pain after three days...

i sent a text message to my brother the first night because i could not sleep and he told me that his extractions were painful too, but that getting braces is a worthwhile thing to do. i reckon he thinks i'm mad because i didn't just do it as a teenager, but its just that this is the time when i'm all grown up and know that i am more than my looks basically. i guess i more mature now. i was terrified to look in the mirror after they had just removed the tooth cos i just pictured a hole, but you can't see the space when i smile unless i open my mouth unnaturally wide. well one more tooth extraction and filling and braces in 3 weeks. i'm nervous cos i've read so many posts and they are all so different. some people hate them, others are in pain and some people look great with braces. wonder how i will look. i think some of my friends are more worried than i am. but i've never really liked my smile so i think that is one of the reasons why this is a good decision. i think all the other blogs are helping alot, to see how well people are coping and also sharing of expriences and positive attitudes....bye for now. *hugs*