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Friday, November 16, 2007

first adjustment down...400 to go!

i had my first adjustment today which was not too bad. my teeth were a bit sensitive, mainly the ones at the top, on the right side cos those are the ones that are not straight. the lady i got was very irritable in the beginning so i didn't want her but had no choice. i don't actually enjoy going to the ortho. The Dr. is really nice but most of the people working there are in the wrong career. i mean if you don't like talking to people work behind a computer and not behind a desk at the reception area!!!

my teeth feel a bit sensitive now. i reckon i made a mistake by not stuffing my face before going there. i have no idea what i was thinking. it was really strange when she was putting the arch wire in and she kind of had to tighten it or wind it around each bracket. that was really strange cos there were pieces or shreds of arch wire sticking out of my mouth?...

anyway i have an appointment with my psychiatrist after this because i asked him to write the prologue to my book so that is something i am looking forward to because i always love to speak to him. he is just so wise. oh yes and i am writing a book which still needs alot of work!

over and out.

Friday, November 2, 2007

too cute not to share

i stole this from aimee's blog just becos i think its tooooo cute.

this got me through october

yesterday i realised i was really stressed out because i snapped at some tall guy at the service station. he said sorry afterwards but it was too late. a second later i was like, whoa? what just happened. someone needs a break!

i went to the gym last night for the first time in like a month and a half and it was so good. i worked these abs and did some running. it was great. i think its the reason why i feel normal. i've been out of town for an entire month and my trusty friend cosmo, my ipod and my travel pack got me through the month.

i went to the pharmacy and they had these cute little travel packs that come with a toothbrush which folds and toothpaste the size of my thumb....yay! no more walking to the bathroom in the middle of meetings with a bulky toothbrush for this modern woman.