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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

official debracing date: 4 June 2009

At my last ortho visit the oral hygienist replaced the hook that broke off the last time. I'm still wearing four elastics but only at night so the discomfort is better. My teeth were really sore in the morning when I first took them off but they are better now.

so I have two dates: I will be debraced on the 4th and get the retainer on the 5th. I'm terrified of getting debraced I have a really low pain threshold and that's all I think about. oh man totally not looking forward to that. It doesn't help that everyone else that had their braces off in this month had the copper brackets and not the clear ones like me.

Now that's out of the way I can't believe how many ortho friends are only friends now! Laura, Jen and wired lady all had braces taken out at the same time. How cool!!!!! check out their blogs for the latest.

Oh and I can't believe how much my teeth in the bottom jaw have moved since I started wearing double elastics again its incredible. the bottom teeth have really moved back alot, no wonder I wake up with a toothache....


stephanie said...

WAHOOO!! Debracing date!! Congratulations :) I'm happy for you!!

Ananda Devika said...

Very happy for you too. :) I'm scared of the pain as well - if adjustments hurt, having the whole thing ripped off is terrifying. But just grin and bare it - it's almost over, and then you can look forward to your retainer! :)

Jen said...

Wow only a few more days left until the big day. I had a few clear ones on top. Just make sure they know how sensitive you are to pain and hope they are more gentle.
Can't wait to see some photos.
Good luck my friend.

laura said...

Wow! That's so close now!!! Don't worry, if it hurts at all it'll be quick.