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Saturday, March 14, 2009

one more adjustment and i'll be debraced!

its true!!!

I went for my last adjustment two weeks ago which was not too painful, obviously there was a little pain it was not the worst. Initially I was told the braces would come off this month (March) but even I did not believe it.

I was wearing elastics for months and could not see a difference. Last month I was wearing double elastics, well actually I only started wearing them at that adjustment and they were freakin painful. That was the point I started to see a small difference. I also got pink 'donuts' or elastics like the ones Michelle used to have and they are utterly cute! Whenever I smile people notice them and call them cool. They are too cute will post a pic soon.

Anyway at my last adjustment they put two more hooks on the bottom front teeth for me to wear elastics in a totally different configuration which took some getting used to. Its quite tight but after the first night I noticed the difference its incredible how quickly my teeth are shifting. Well the aim is to get my back teeth to shift back which is happening sort of slowly. I have what they are saying will be my last adjustment on April 9th and then in may the braces will be removed.

I always look at the teeth of people that have had braces and every now and then I see someone whose teeth I don't think look that great. My bottom teeth have shifted a bit and are no longer perfect. I think this started before I got the braces but I reckon they can be fixed now and I told the oral hygienist and she said we can look at it.

I can't believe it - Ive had the braces since October 2007 and I'm attached to them now, not sure if I am ready to let go. Wow, lol.


Jen said...

Let them go baby! I'm getting mine off next month too! YAY for both of us!

stephanie said...

Yay! Congrats!! :)

laura said...

Wow!! That's awesome!! Don't want to let them go? lol!